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            Spilman Auto Parts Inc. is a complete salvage yard with rebuildable automobiles & trucks, used auto & truck parts, used cars for sale, located in Bloomfield, Iowa.
            Rebuildable Automobiles, Light Trucks and SUV's

            Don't hesitate to call for a more detailed description of the vehicles listed below.

            (641) 664-2463 | 1-800-477-1367 | Fax (641) 664-2477
            Ebay Store (641) 664 1359

            Business Hours
            Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time. Closed Saturday & Sunday.


            Due to the Coronavirus effective March 20th we will be closing our front counter to walk-in and pick-up sales. We are still open for business but due to the COVID-19 virus we are restricting contact for our customer's and employee's safety. Parts may be picked up at our front gate by calling 1-800-477-1367 or 1-641-664-2463 and prepay over the phone with credit or debit card. We will continue our Monday through Friday free delivery to Ottumwa Ia, Kirskville Mo and surrounding areas. Our East and West delivery routes will continue as well. For large item purchases (Engines, Transmissions, Etc) call us upon arrival and we will make arrangements for loading. We are still shipping and receiving freight.

            If you have any questions feel free to call us! Thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times! We appreciate your business!!!


            You Can Now Text To Spilman Auto Parts

              Text To  1_800_477_1367 With Your Question

            Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time. Closed Saturday & Sunday.

            New Business Hours

            Starting March 2, 2019 we will be closed on Saturdays.

            If you need to pick up a part on Saturday morning please call and make prior arrangements.

            Our Rebuilder Lot will be open Saturdays for viewing.

            Located on West side of Bloomfield Iowa next to Davis County Fairgrounds.

            Click on the link below to send an E-Mail message or request to Spilman's.

            All rebuildable vehicles have a salvage title unless otherwise stated.
            Last  Updated 5/29/2020
             If outdated more than 30 days click here to load the latest page.


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            Map  to Spilman Auto Parts



            2018 Buick Regal Preferred     $5,400
            WK45 001.jpg (145315 bytes)  WK45 002.jpg (128676 bytes)  WK45 003.jpg (107705 bytes)  WK45 004.jpg (123762 bytes)  WK45 005.jpg (82523 bytes)  WK45 006.jpg (63960 bytes)  WK0045
            51,406mi. Silver 4dr Hatch, 2.0L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Leather Interior, Left Frt Pwr, AM FM Touchscreen, Onstar, Bluetooth, Back-Up Camera, Auto Climate Control, Air Bags Good, Hit Easy Frt & Dent In Left Rear Door, Lot Drives
            2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 1WT 4X4     $10,500
            XE29 001.JPG (678400 bytes)  XE29 002.JPG (634880 bytes)  XE29 003.JPG (641024 bytes)  XE29 004.JPG (627200 bytes)  XE29 005.JPG (566784 bytes)  XE29 006.JPG (541184 bytes)  XE0029
            88,485mi. White 2dr Std Cab 8ft Bed, 6.0L, Auto6 OD, KNP Heavy Duty Engine & Trans Cooling, Z82 Trailering Package, JL1 Factory Trailer Brake Control In Dash, Z85 Increased Chassis Capacity GVWR 9500LB, 4.10 Positraction Limited Slip Rear Axle, Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Manual Windows & Pwr Locks, Vinyl Interior, 402040 Seat, AM FM, A/C, Driver Wheel & Both Curtain Air Bags Bad, Hit Left Frt
            2015 Ford F150 Lariat Crew Cab 4X4     $16,900
            XE02 001.JPG (637440 bytes)  XE02 002.JPG (645120 bytes)  XE02 003.JPG (638976 bytes)  XE02 004.JPG (638976 bytes)  XE02 005.JPG (658432 bytes)  XE02 006.jpg (151415 bytes)  XE0002
            73,034mi. White Platinum Pearl (Lariat Chrome Package) Crew Cab 5.5ft Bed, 2.7L EcoBoost, Auto6 OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Keyless Ignition, Remote Start, Extended Range Fuel Tank, Heavy Duty Trailer Towing, 3.55 Electronic Locking Rear Axle, Off Road Equipment Package, Pwr Windows & Locks, Memory Package, Pwr Adjust Pedals, Medium Camel Leather Interior, Bucket Seats W-Console & Floor Shift, Frt Heated & Cooled, AM FM CD, Touchscreen w-Navigation, SDARS, Sync II, Back-Up Camera, Rear Parking Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, Enhanced Security Alarm, Universal Garage Opener, 110v Converter, Dual Zone Auto Climate Control, Pwr Sliding Heated Rear Window, Air Bags Good, Hit Rear, Lot Drives, Very Clean
            2014 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT FWD  $4,150
            XE34 001.JPG (627712 bytes)  XE34 002.JPG (644096 bytes)  XE34 003.JPG (642048 bytes)  XE34 004.JPG (674816 bytes)  XE34 005.JPG (614912 bytes)  XE34 006.JPG (578048 bytes)  XE0034
            104,774mi. White 4dr Hatch, 2.4L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Remote Start, Pwr Windows & Locks, Leather Interior, Pwr (Frt Heated), AM FM CD, Bluetooth, Back-Up Camera A/C, Air Bags Good, Hit Left Frt, Lot Drives
            2014 Chevrolet Impala 1LS  $3,650
            XC44 001.JPG (676864 bytes)  XC44 002.JPG (675840 bytes)  XC44 003.JPG (661504 bytes)  XC44 004.JPG (642560 bytes)  XC44 005.JPG (635904 bytes)  XC44 006.JPG (653824 bytes)  XC0044
            74,707mi. Champagne Silver 4dr, 2.5L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Remote Start, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, Left Seat Pwr, AM FM CD, Bluetooth, Rear Park Assist, A/C, Air Bags Good, Hit High Left Frt, Lot Drives
            2014 Dodge Avenger SE  $2,950
            XC43 001.JPG (648704 bytes)  XC43 002.JPG (614400 bytes)  XC43 003.JPG (628736 bytes)  XC43 004.JPG (665088 bytes)  XC43 005.JPG (580096 bytes)  XC43 006.JPG (665600 bytes)  XC43 007.jpg (101470 bytes)  XC43 008.jpg (55157 bytes)  XC43 009.JPG (35107 bytes)  XC0043
            115,943mi. Grey 4dr, 2.4L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, Uconnect 130 AM FM CD MP3, A/C, Air Bags Good, Rear Damage, Lot Drives
            2013 Volvo Semi Tractor VNL DS Day Cab D13 Engine  $10,000
            XC56 001.JPG (662016 bytes)  XC56 002.JPG (645632 bytes)  XC56 003.JPG (634368 bytes)  XC56 004.JPG (645120 bytes)  XC56 005.JPG (654336 bytes)  XC56 006.JPG (596480 bytes)  XC56 007.JPG (648704 bytes)  XC56 008.JPG (641024 bytes)  XC56 009.JPG (648704 bytes)  XC56 010.JPG (652800 bytes)  XC56 011.JPG (649216 bytes)  XC56 012.JPG (659456 bytes)  XC56 013.JPG (653824 bytes)  XC56 014.JPG (636928 bytes)  XC56 016.JPG (625664 bytes)  XC56 017.JPG (664064 bytes)  XC56 018.JPG (646656 bytes)  XC56 019.JPG (669696 bytes)  XC56 020.jpg (190422 bytes)  XC56 021.jpg (182448 bytes)  XC56 022.jpg (179744 bytes)  XC56 023.jpg (187323 bytes)  XC0056
            645,763mi. Black, Day Cab, D13 (D13/1012228) 425HP XE Package, Volvo Auto ATO2612D, Rear Axle-First RS23-160/161 Meritor SFOR02054462, Rear Axle-Scond 2.670RS23-160/16 SFRK01514491, Like New Rear Tires, Michelin X Line Energy D 275/80R 22.5, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, Volvo AM FM CD, Bluetooth, A/C, Air Bags Good, Hit Rt Front
            2013 Lincoln MKX AWD  $5,700
            XC20 001.jpg (265272 bytes)  XC20 002.jpg (245611 bytes)  XC20 003.JPG (667136 bytes)  XC20 004.JPG (676352 bytes)  XC20 005.JPG (584192 bytes)  XC20 006.JPG (498176 bytes)  XC0020
            115,219mi. Ruby Red Metallic, 4dr Hatch, 3.7L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Delay, Memory, Remote Start, Pwr Windows & Locks, Pwr Lift Gate, Pwr Leather Seats (Frt Heated & Cooled), Touchscreen AM-FM CD, Sync, 10 Speaker Sound System, Rear Park Assist, Auto Climate Control, Air Bags Good, Hit Easy Rear, Lot Drives
            2013 Ford Edge SE AWD     $4,750
            XB36 001.JPG (683520 bytes)  XB36 002.JPG (676864 bytes)  XB36 003.JPG (657920 bytes)  XB36 004.JPG (623616 bytes)  XB36 005.JPG (526336 bytes)  XB36 006.JPG (642048 bytes)  XB0036
            50,313mi. Blue 4dr Hatch, 3.5L, Auto OD, Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Keyless Entry, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, AM FM CD, Sync I, A/C, Air Bags Good, Hit Left Front, Starts & Runs, Cant Drive, Left Frt Suspension Bad
            2013 Infinity G37X AWD     $4,350
            UF18 001.jpg (396190 bytes)  UF18 002.jpg (404158 bytes)  UF18 003.jpg (376055 bytes)  UF18 004.jpg (355372 bytes)  UF18 005.jpg (232949 bytes)  UF18 006.jpg (259643 bytes)  UF0018
            Title Marked Not Actual Miles 44,908mi. Title Marked Not Actual Miles, Black 4dr, Sunroof, 3.7L, Auto OD, Power Telescopic Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Pwr (Frt Heated) Leather Interior w-Memory, AM FM CD, NAV, 7in TouchScreen, Auto Climate Control, Frt Air Bags Bad, Hit Rt Front, Lot Drives
            2012 Hyundai Veloster     $3,250
            UH85 001.jpg (412694 bytes)  UH85 002.jpg (377355 bytes)  UH85 003.jpg (353570 bytes)  UH85 004.jpg (384838 bytes)  UH85 005.jpg (244193 bytes)  UH85 006.jpg (272017 bytes)  UH0085
            45,909mi. Red 3dr Hatch, 1.6L, 6 Speed Manual, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, Touchscreen AM-FM CD, MP3, XM, Bluetooth, A/C, Left Wheel Air Bag & Left Seat Belt Pretensioner Bad, Hit Left Front, Starts & Runs, Can't Drive, Left Frt Suspension Bad
            2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD     $5,500
            XC30 001.JPG (643584 bytes)  XC30 002.JPG (677888 bytes)  XC30 003.JPG (642048 bytes)  XC30 004.JPG (667136 bytes)  XC30 005.JPG (648704 bytes)  XC30 006.JPG (645120 bytes)  XC0030
            80,763mi. White 4dr Hatch, 3.5L, Auto OD, Telescopic-Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Keyless Entry Pad, Pwr Windows & Locks, Cloth Interior, Left Seat Pwr, AM FM CD, Sync, Back-Up Camera, Dual Zone Auto Climate Control, Air Bags Good, Hit Left Quarter & Just Got The Rear Edge Of The Left Rear Door, Lot Drives
            2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S     $3,450
            UB57 001.jpg (343142 bytes)  UB57 002.jpg (398679 bytes)  UB57 003.jpg (371869 bytes)  UB57 004.jpg (337846 bytes)  UB57 005.jpg (262463 bytes)  UB57 006.jpg (63305 bytes)  UB0057
            64,299mi. Black 2dr Coupe, Sunroof, 2.5L, Auto CVT, Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Leather Interior (Frt Heated), Left Seat Pwr, Back-Up Camera, Bose AM-FM CD, Auto Climate Control, Rt Roof & Side Air Bags Bad, Hit Rt Side, Lot Drives
            2009 Volkswagen EOS Convertible     $3,650
            WC18 007.jpg (288098 bytes)  WC18 008.jpg (329840 bytes)  WC18 009.jpg (364202 bytes)  WC18 010.jpg (336194 bytes)  WC18 005.jpg (63429 bytes)  WC18 006.jpg (315043 bytes)  WC0018
            81,229mi. Silver 2dr Convertible (Retractable Hard Top w-Sunroof), 2.0L Turbo, Auto, Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Pwr Windows & Locks, Leather Interior (Frt Heated), Left Seat Pwr, AM-FM CD, A/C, Air Bags Good, Hit Easy Front, Lot Drives
            2008 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Z71 Extended Cab 4X4     $7,500
            XA38 001.JPG (637440 bytes)  XA38 002.JPG (666624 bytes)  XA38 003.JPG (654848 bytes)  XA38 004.JPG (635904 bytes)  XA38 005.JPG (576000 bytes)  XA38 006.JPG (651776 bytes)  XA0038
            155,086mi. Olympic White Extended Cab Short Bed, 5.3L, Auto OD, Z82 Trailer Package, 3.73 Positraction Rear Axle, NZZ Skid Plate Package, KNP Heavy Duty Cooling & HD Trans Cooler, Heated Mirrors, Tilt-Cruise-Delay, Remote Start, Pwr Windows & Locks, Black Cloth Interior, AM-FM CD, MP3, Bluetooth, A/C, Used Truck, Ready To Go, Good Title
            2005 Wilkens 50ft Walking Floor Semi Trailer     $3,000
            XD27 001.JPG (154112 bytes)  XD27 002.JPG (161280 bytes)  XD27 003.JPG (168960 bytes)  XD27 004.JPG (171520 bytes)  XD27 005.JPG (167936 bytes)  XD27 006.JPG (150528 bytes)  XD27 007.JPG (146432 bytes)  XD27 008.JPG (152576 bytes)  XD0027
            2005 Wilkens 50ft Walking Floor Semi Trailer, Model 50126SCGO, Fire Inside Bed
            SOLD     2003 BMW 745LI    SOLD
            WF53 001.JPG (663552 bytes)  WF53 002.JPG (648192 bytes)  WF53 003.JPG (644096 bytes)  WF53 004.JPG (644096 bytes)  WF53 005.JPG (587264 bytes)  WF53 006.jpg (67091 bytes)  WF0053
            124,748mi. Grey 4dr Sedan w-Sunroof, 4.4L, Auto OD, Electric Telescopic & Tilt-Cruise-Delay w-Memory, Heated Wheel, Pwr Windows & Locks, Pwr Rear Sun Shades, Pwr Heated, Fan Cooled (Frt) Leather Seats, Infinity AM-FM CD, Nav, Bluetooth, Auto Climate Control, Air Bags Good, Very Light Scuff Left Rear Door & Dog Leg, Lot Drives
            1991 Ford F700 4X2 207wb Flatbed    $2,000
            XA67 001.JPG (631808 bytes)  XA67 002.JPG (663552 bytes)  XA67 003.JPG (638976 bytes)  XA67 004.JPG (650752 bytes)  XA67 005.JPG (626688 bytes)  XA67 006.JPG (664576 bytes)  XA0067
            48,641mi. White Crew Cab 207in wb, Flatbed, Has Crane Mount, Crane Gone, 7.0L Gas (429ci), 5sp Manual Trans, Manual Windows & Locks, Vinyl Interior, AM-FM, A/C, Lot Drives, Good Title
            1983 Econoline Class C Motor Home Tioga by Fleetwood    $1,750
            WK30 001.jpg (127428 bytes)  WK30 002.jpg (106789 bytes)  WK30 003.jpg (109301 bytes)  WK30 004.jpg (115440 bytes)  WK30 005.jpg (108676 bytes)  WK30 006.jpg (113688 bytes)  WK30 007.jpg (84070 bytes)  WK30 008.jpg (88451 bytes)  WK30 009.jpg (146238 bytes)  WK0030
            114,660mi. 2dr Coupe, 5.7L, Auto, Tilt, Pwr Windows & Locks, Leather Interior, Aftermarket AM-FM Cassette, A/C, Lot Drives, Need To Check Brakes, Used Car, Good Title


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